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Arctic Akitas


Bred for the Snow Country


AKC female Akita

10 months old

****** Alice is looking for a permanent guardian home. She's a pick of the litter, show quality Akita, being offered to the right family, for free. Potential applicants must plan to stay living within the Fairbanks area for the next 6 years. She will be your dog for life. Alice will contribute to my breeding program, to have a few litters here, in her lifetime. The guardian family will have the option to keep one of the puppies that Alice may end up producing. This is a great opportunity for the right family. Please read more about my ethical breeding program HERE. Contact me with any questions. ******* See pictures below.

Even at only 10 months old, Alice seems to be a perfect example of what we are aiming towards producing, here at Arctic Akitas. Such a sweet girl, just look at her expressive face, and her perfectly shaded, dense and thick coat that is totally weather proof! She is very friendly and affectionate, once she knows you. Typical of many Akitas, she seems aloof towards new people and even to new dogs. As if she doesn't care about anyone except for her master. She pays no mind haha! Which is a very unique trait that many Akitas possess. She is tolerant of whatever her master expects of her. We are excited about Alice's future here at our kennels, and it is our hope that she, in part, can help to further improve and protect the Akita breed as a whole. Stay tuned for updates on this stunning beauty and for more pictures as she continues to mature. We love you Alice!!