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Arctic Akitas

(907) 978-3158

   Bred for the Snow Country

Pomsky Puppies

Breezee x Comet

3M / 4F

Born : 10/7/2022

Ready : 12/2/2022

Male 1 - Light orange / cream , husky mask , double blue eyes , fluffy fur 

Male 2 - Black & White, husky mask and markings, double blue eyes,  shaded fluffy coat

Male 3 - Light orange, white mask, double blue eyes, fluffy fur.  This boy is going to be very small, probably around 10 pounds as adult.  

Female 1 - Light orange / cream , husky mask, double blue eyes, very fluffy fur.  This little girl has spunky attitude for days and will keep you laughing for sure!  

Female 2 - Cream / off white , self mask, warm brown eyes, fluffy fur.  If you ever wanted a mini polar bear, here is your chance!  Sweet girl ! 

Female 3 - Orange / cream , husky mask, double blue eyes, fluffy fur, super sweet little girl.  

Female 4 - Dark Cream with darker guard hairs, husky mask, warm brown eyes, extra fluffy fur and oh so sweet !!