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Arctic Akitas

(907) 978-3158

   Bred for the Snow Country

AKC Akita Puppies

Diane x Yoshi

6 Males

DOB : March 1, 2022

** There are 2 Puppies Available from this litter **

(Pictured below at age 4.5 weeks, 

and again at age 6.5 weeks)

Male 1 - SOLD to Brett of Alaska - Red/Fawn , may retain black mask , or could fade to lighter grey or the red/fawn body color.  His nose should be all black by adulthood.  

Male 2 - SOLD to Madison & Miles of Alaska - Black/White , Long Coat , his fur will stay fairly dark with minimal shading to the undercoat.  Moderate length of fur.  Fluffy!  

Male 3 - SOLD to Shandra of British Columbia - He's going to a show home - Black/White , shaded undercoat 

Male 4 - AVAILABLE - Black/White , minimal shading to undercoat  

Male 5 - AVAILABLE - Black/White , shaded undercoat 

Male 6 - SOLD to Maynard of Alaska - Black/White , shaded undercoat 

Click here for a video of the puppies at age 3.5 weeks

Thanks for looking!

Once Akita, Always Akita!