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Arctic Akitas

(907) 978-3158

   Bred for the Snow Country

Arctic's Kai

*** Kai is now Retired ***

Age: 4 years

Weight: 110 pounds

Color: Red and White

Kai is our new male that we've been waiting for. He is a pure bred Japanese Akita Inu. Kai came to us from half way around the world, and was so worth it ! :-) He is a joy to own, and is the most happy boy! He's got great structure, good bone and a wonderful Akita head. Already larger than our full grown female Akitas, he is going to mature into a big boy himself. Probably about 110 pounds or so. His coat is super plush and thick. Pictured below are his dad and mom. We are so proud of our boy KAI. Check back for updates!

Pictured above: Kai's Sire (left) and Kai's Dam (right)

Update: KAI has completed his basic training courses. He is a good boy!

Pictured below is Kai at about 14 months old

Pictured below is Kai at almost a year old, and are "as is" - a dog being a dog - these pix are taken in the middle of Kai "blowing his coat" - something Akitas do about twice a year. Not groomed but still lookin' good boy!