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Arctic Akitas

(907) 978-3158

   Bred for the Snow Country

Arctic's Sully

3 years old

85 pounds

Silver Brindle AKC Tweenie type Akita

Sully is a perfect blend of both American and Japanese Akita types. In his coloring and type, he leans towards the Japanese type, and with his size (he's still growing) he leans towards the American type. Love this boy so much!!

Sully: Perfection. I could stop with his description there, but I suppose I'll elaborate lol. Sully is such a special boy. Not only is he absolutely gorgeous, with his red and silver brindle coat, but his temperament reflects his inner beauty as well. Great with people, kids and other dogs, you really couldn't ask for much more, in an intact male Akita. I'm excited with what Sully is going to offer my breeding program here at Arctic Akitas. His litters will be exceptional, that I am sure of! Keep an eye on this beautiful boy! He's still growing and maturing. I'll post more pictures of him soon.  

Shown below at just 10 months old

Sully as a puppy

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